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Proyecto Hombre y voluntariado van de la mano. Los voluntarios son la base de nuestro trabajo.

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Hazte Socio

Para llevar a cabo todos estos programas de atención y prevención contamos con la colaboración de muchas instituciones y personas

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Que hacemos

Proyecto Hombre Murcia ofrece diferentes programas de tratamientos con el propósito de dar respuesta a las necesidades planteadas por diferentes perfiles de personas con problemas de adicción

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¿Necesitas Ayuda?

El primer paso que da una persona que tiene un problema es cuando se da cuenta de que lo tiene, por lo que ya estás en el camino de solucionarlo.

Acronym for Free or open-source software. Software, like Joomla, that is available to use, copy, study, and change in any way without charge. FOSS software typically uses a special software license, such as GPL, that requires any derivative works to also be free.

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Our free responsive Joomla template Purity III is for every Joomla user, from beginners to professionals. The novice may find here the very first step to create a fresh Joomla site within 5 minutes. Meanwhile, the techie ones can work on this dynamic Joomla template to create their own work of art.

Along with the multi-styles and layouts, Purity III is perfectly adaptable for your site no matter it is about business, blog, news, magazines, media or portfolio. You can do the blogging with Easyblog, get widely connected with JomSocial or offer the best shopping experience with Mijoshop in one site with just one theme - Purity III.

An extension is a software package that extends your Joomla! installation in some way. A small selection of extensions is included with the default Joomla! installation but many more are available from the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

The term extension is generic and the following specific extension types are available (listed alphabetically):
Component (since ) – adds custom functions to your site that can be selected from menus
Language (since ) – defines an additional language for your site
Library (since ) – provides functions to be used by other extensions
Module (since ) – shows nonessential data in a side box, possibly on multiple pages
Package (since ) – bundles related extensions
Plugin (since ) – modifies content in articles or provides functions to extend other extensions
Template (since ) – define the look, feel, and navigation capabilities of your site

For an overview of the most important extension types and the functionality they provide, see Extension types (general definitions)


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One remarkable feature of responsive Joomla template Purity III is that this template is fully compatible with a variety of the most well-know Joomla extensions on the market. To name, so far this Joomla 3 template is ready for EasyBlog, JomSocial, Kunena, EasyDiscuss, EasySocial and Mijoshop.

But what if you want something more? We are eager to gather your opinion. Please tell us: What is your most-wanted third party extension? Which extensions do you believe that our Purity should have? Raise your voice; we would love to hear!

Highly recommend: It would be nice if you can ping your Joomla extension providers to request about the compatibility. This helps us find common interest at ease!


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