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Proyecto Hombre y voluntariado van de la mano. Los voluntarios son la base de nuestro trabajo.

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Hazte Socio

Para llevar a cabo todos estos programas de atención y prevención contamos con la colaboración de muchas instituciones y personas

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Que hacemos

Proyecto Hombre Murcia ofrece diferentes programas de tratamientos con el propósito de dar respuesta a las necesidades planteadas por diferentes perfiles de personas con problemas de adicción

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¿Necesitas Ayuda?

El primer paso que da una persona que tiene un problema es cuando se da cuenta de que lo tiene, por lo que ya estás en el camino de solucionarlo.

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You can optionally have URLs display to look like static HTML pages like this:

Joomla! 1.5 has built-in optionos for SEF URLs. These are enabled by changing the ""SEO Settings"" in the Site tab in the Global Configuration screen in the Joomla! back-end. There are also third-party extensions that create SEF URLs for Joomla!.


Languages are perhaps the most basic and critical extension type. Languages are packaged as either a core language pack or an extension language pack. These packages consist of INI files which contain key/value pairs. These key/value pairs provide the translation of static text strings within Joomla! source code. This allows both the Joomla! core and third party components and modules to be internationalised. Core language packs also include an XML meta file describing the language and providing information about the fonts to use for PDF content generation.


RSS (which stands for, among other things, Really Simple Syndication) that allows you to syndicate your site content. It defines an easy way to share and view headlines and content through newsfeeds. You can find RSS feeds in hundreds of thousands of places on the Internet which allow you to stream their articles into RSS readers - or your Joomla site.

The Feed Display module allows you to display other sites’ RSS feeds on your site, which is a great way to keep your content from being static.

An abbreviation for “Linux Apache MySQL Perl/PHP/Python.” These group of free and open source programs are used to run many dynamic websites. Most Joomla sites run with Apache and MySQL. All run with PHP. In addition, JavaScript is now an important part of the Joomla “stack.”


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